Top Five Useful Product On Flipkart

Hello guys welcome to this article, so today we will going to talk about Top Five Useful Product On Flipkart. One of the biggest facilitators of ecommerce is Flipkart which offer a lot of such gadgets, product to the Indian Consumer. These product have become even more affordable thanks to e -commerce platform such a Flipkart. So guys if you want to get a useful product for your home, then you have to pay attention in this article, because we will going to explore its features, price and many more things. So lets start reading this article without wasting any times.

Top Five Useful Product On Flipkart:

1. Hindware Clarissa Blk 60 Mounted Chimney:

The Hindware Clarissa Blk 60 boasting a sleek black design, is a modern addition to any kitchen, it has a compact size and beautifully chimney will go well with your kitchen interiors. This chimney comes with a suction capacity of 700 cubic meter per hour. With Cassette Filter its easy to clean, efficient and lightweight aluminum filter lets oil and other residues to settle inside, paving way for the air to move freely between the filters.

You can enjoy hassle-free operation. All you need is a click of a button to ensure smooth functioning. The chimney equipped with powerful motor that has a high suction capacity, long operational life, consumes less power and makes less noise. It has a Low Noise featured, so you won’t have any noise problem this chimney makes less noise to provide you with a comfortable cooking environment. Its Air suction capacity is about 750 CHM with push button control panel. Now if we talk about then the price of this Hindware Clarissa Blk 60 Mounted Chimney is 5,700 Rupees.

2. Thermal Tiffin Box:

Tiffin quality is much better then for working people, and students. Its leak proof compartment with three container lunch box. This really value for money product on flipkart. Its thermoware design ensures that the food remains warm for a long time. Its a Airtight Box which protect from air and dust, so its does not enter and spoil the food and, even if children keep it in their bag, they won’t have to worry about oil or curries leaking and destroying their books.

Its made from plastic and high-quality materials, this lunch box does not easily get damaged and it does not affect the food even when it is hot. So, you can use it for years without any worry. Its three sections compartment allow your lunchbox you to carry up to three food items, such as Dal, rice, and roti or curry, papad, and rice and they do not get mixed. Its boasting capacity is up to 750ml featuring sturdy lid clips, this lunch box allows you to tightly and safely shut the lid to make sure it does not open up while traveling. The price of this tiffin is about Rs. 465.

3. Hillgrove Drill Machine:

This is a awesome product with good quality. Perfect for house hold activity, Drill machine is good for drilling holes in wooden furniture and similar soft furniture. Instead of calling a repair men, you can do it by your own wheaten if you are beginner or professional. Its Two in one drill with powerful 500 W drill delivers that exact amount of power and support. Its accessories are made from long-lasting material for robust use. You will get Claw hammer, screwdriver Bit, Adjustable Wrench where you can adjust jaw that its compatible, with different sized nut and bolts, Adjustable knife, Metal Drill Bits, Masonry Drill Bits, Wood Drill Bits, Socket Wrench, Combination Plier, Screws & Plugs, Nut/Screwdriver Bit Holder, Measuring Tape, Key Chuck and GSB 10RE Drill.

You can use this mode to easily and quickly shift between clockwise and anticlockwise drilling depending on your repair/work requirements. You can manage the size of the pilot hole that you are intending to drill into a surface using the efficient electronic control technology. Its really easy t o use with zero chance of risk. You can ensure a consistent drilling performance by adjusting the speed and locking it to the desired speed, if you are using continuous drill, when you are working on a drilling project. This drill will allow you to attach new doorknob or repair the existing one so that you can securely close the door and also Use the Drill to Install a Security Camera. The price of this Drill Machine is about, Rs.3,199.

4. Hand Juicer:

This hand juicer is really amazing and works properly. Easily makes any fresh fruits juice with the help of this juicer its really value for money, with good response. You can also enjoy fresh nutritious juice from a variety of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. The single augur design of this hand juicer is one of its most appealing aspects. The juicer effectively breaks down the foods into smaller chunks and presses them under a screen so that refined and clear juice can be extracted with ease.

It is a Manual Operability, so you do not have to plug this device into a socket in order to use it for juicing purposes rather, the product can be operated without any electricity. Its made by plastic and steel, this juicer has a compact build. Its lightweight, so you can easily move it around from one place to another if and when it is necessary and easy to clean also you do not have to worry about any such issues and its comes with multi color, and the price of this Hand Juicer is only Rs. 439.

5. JERN Alexa Echo Dot:

Make your life easier at home, set a timer, ask question, You can also pay your utility bills – electricity, mobile phone, gas, internet and more – using Alexa. Just ask, “Alexa, pay my bills”. Its a awesome product and Speaker sound output is good, Response is very quick. Echo Dot is a smart speaker that can be operated by voice, even if you are far it will catch your voice. Alexa can speak both English & Hindi, and new features are added automatically. Its Comes with an LED display that shows time, outdoor temperature or timers. Its Hand free music control where you can play millions of streaming song like, Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, or Apple Music.

It is simple to make your home smart and use voice to control lights, ACs, TVs, geysers, water motors and more. The LED display also has a light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness so you can see the time day or night. Alexa has more than 30,000 skills & counting. Your Echo devices come with multiple layers of privacy protection. Now if we talk about its features then, its actual price is Rs. 5,499, but in Amazon Great Indian Festival you will get this Rs. 3249.


So, guy this Top Five Useful Product On Flipkart, we hope after reading this article you get the good knowledge about these useful products, but if you have doubt then you can comment us in a section below. So, now we are going to end this article and will be right back soon till now share this article, to your friends, so have a good day and bye bye.

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